Scottsdale Police arrest alleged credit card thief

Police have arrested a woman who racked up tens of thousands of dollars in fraudulent credit card charges.

They say she had a specific victim she went after.

Anna Abee is now facing charges of burglary and identity theft, all her victims appear to be women working out fitness centers or hiking on trails.

Police say Abee would watch closely, scanning the parking lots for women who would leave their cars without a purse. She would then break the car window, steal the purse, and everything inside including credit cards.

It happened at least four times in Scottsdale and ten other times in Phoenix, Peoria, Surprise, and Mesa.

Security cameras allegedly show Abee using one of those stolen credit cards. She's also accused of using the victims private information to apply for new credit cards.

Scottsdale Police say she racked up more than $10,000 worth of fraudulent credit card charges in the four cases they are investigating.

The total in ten others could be even more.

Police say even though they've made an arrest they encourage others to be on guard. They encourage people to keep valuables out of sight if parked.