Search for brazen burglars in Casa Grande

Police in Casa Grande are looking for a pair of brazen burglary who ransacked an elderly woman's home, and then shook hands with her on their way out.

Police there received a call at 7:30 p.m., where a woman in her 90's told them two men had just ransacked her home.

"What happened in her case is she is hard of hearing," said Betty Okuma, who is the victim's daughter. "And so apparently, they knocked on front door and went to back yard, threw a huge brick to break window, and just two of them climbed in and started going around the house, taking whatever they wanted."

The men discovered the elderly woman inside, but they didn't care.

"They didn't do anything," said Okuma. "They got a pillowcase and gathered whatever they wanted while she was here, and she followed them. She tried to get away and they wouldn't let her. When they left, they shook her hands. I mean that is so strange."

Casa Grand Police believe the men then burglarized another home, about a block away. One of the suspects could be in his 40s, and the other is a bit younger.

Anyone with information should call Casa Grande Police.