Sedona teens charged with alleged arson following string of weekend incidents

Two teens in Sedona are under arrest and charged with alleged arson, after police said they set more than two dozen small fires over the weekend.

Officials with the Sedona Police Department said the two, ages 15 and 16, are now facing a slew of charges, including arson, after they set 25 separate fires. The fires include some at a West Sedona middle school.

"It was sad," said Marita Gale, who lives in Sedona. "When I saw the trash cans, it doesn't make any sense."

Officials with the Sedona Fire Department said a total of 25 fires were set in garbage cans, at three different locations very close in proximity. All reportedly happened early Sunday morning.

"It was a bit of surprise from our original dispatch," said Captain Jordan Baker with the Sedona Fire Department.

Sedona Police officials said the teen suspects were allegedly drinking, before their fire-setting spree. The worst damage reportedly happened at the school, with Sedona Fire officials saying two fires were set inside lockers. The fire did extend into a wall.

"It did some some decent amount of damage," said Capt. Baker. "Again, the crews were quick in their response and were able to isolate the fire, and extinguish it before it continued in any further."

"They could have torched the building, or the school," said Gale. "They could have done a lot worse damage."

The teens' identities are not being released because of their age.