Seven-year-old girl receives her own playset from Make-A-Wish Arizona

A little girl in Phoenix battling a rare form of kidney cancer finally had her wish granted by Make-A-Wish Arizona.

7-year-old Dayana found a brand new playset in her yard on Wednesday, and it was all made possible by the nonprofit.

All Dayana wanted to do was play at the park, but she hasn’t been able to due to her weak immune system. Now, she can play all she wants from the safety of her home.

"The one thing she asked to do was to go to the park and play, enjoy herself, and unfortunately with COVID, she asked for a playset," said Eduardo De Los Santos, wish manager.

In April 2020, Dayana was diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer called Wilms’ tumor. According to the Mayo Clinic, Wilms' Tumor is a rare kidney cancer that primarily affects children.

Since then, Dayana has had several surgeries and has been going through chemotherapy. For all these reasons, she was looking forward to her wish coming true so she can play on her own.

"It’s amazing as a parent. You want the best for your kids and to see her laughing and playing around, it is really good to see," said her father, Alfredo Gomez.

Dayana is still fighting. Her dad says she's been incredibly tough as she goes in for another surgery this week.

Make-A-Wish Arizona