Shuttle service gives desert dwellers a chance to enjoy Arizona's winter weather

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Before the sun rose over the Valley, eager skiers and snowboarders loaded their equipment for a three-hour bus ride to Snowbowl, just north of Flagstaff.

"Hey, $85 bucks, I get a lift ticket, a ride up to the slopes... nice, relaxing, [I'll] watch ski movies on board," Tom Luft said.

Jose Aguilera started Desert to Snow Connection 11 years ago. Last year was tough, but Aguilera says this year the weather has turned in his favor.

"New snow, actually cold weather always attracts people," he said. "We're already way past the mark we were at last year, about five-or-six fold."

In fact, Aguilera says business is so good he's adding another destination.

"We actually started out trips to Sunrise as well, on top of the Snowbowl trips," he said.

A trip to the slopes costs no more than $85, and that includes the ride.

"When you're done with snowboarding and stuff you're just so tired, so I'm able to sleep on the bus and stuff," Owen Mead said.

The convenience and abundant snowfall makes it all the more reason to grab a ride.