Sled Trash: Flagstaff cleans up after people who sled down its snowy hills

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- As the winter season continues, Flagstaff has a big problem with something called "sled trash".

The mountains are covered in snow, and it's a perfect time to go sledding. People would jump on a little plastic saucer and go sliding down the hill, but the problem is those little saucers break, and some people leave them behind, thus creating sled trash.

It's been happening in Flagstaff, and also in the forests outside of town.

"In the spring when the snow melts, we find a plethora of colors, but it's the colors of sleds that we find," said Maggie Twomey with the City of Flagstaff.

On Monday, people were enjoying the sparkling winter weather at Thorpe Park, located north of the Northern Arizona University (NAU) campus. Johnathan and Rebecca Madsen from Peoria brought up their kids, Noah and Olivia. They say don't want to see this beautiful place trashed.

"If you pack it in, pack it out," said Jonathan. "You want to leave the place is clean as you found it."

They found some broken plastic saucers in the snow. and tossed them out in a recycling bin.