Snakes seeking shade results in unusual sightings in odd places

A slithery start to summer here in Arizona with several warnings about snakes.

First, it was snakes hiding in pool noodles. Then on Wednesday, a driver was shocked to find a snake on his windshield, peering in at him while he drove down the road.

And now, workers at a recycling center discover a huge python.

So what's behind all of these snake encounters recently?

Fox 10's Stephanie Olmo went to the Phoenix Herpetological Society and met with an expert.

"Just like you and I, the snakes are trying to stay out of the heat," said Joe Hymes, the Volunteer Manager. "Sometimes when the sun starts coming up they're not tucked away as much as they'd like to be. They are going to sit tight and whatever shade they find happens to be a pool noodle or part of your car, they are going to try to get out of the heat because they don't know any better."

And with drought conditions worsening in Arizona, snakes could also be out looking for food and water.

"Up until a week or so ago, we were going on over 100 days without rain here. The snakes feel that and they see the big oasis we call pools in our backyard, and sometimes they help themselves to a drink. Sometimes they fall in, sometimes they may end up all the way in to cool off," Hymes said.

Hymes says we are likely to see snakes slithering around from time to time most commonly in rural areas.

So remember, if you come across a rattlesnake or any other snake at that, leave it alone.

"If you see a rattlesnake, you want to be about three feet away. Absolute biggest snake in the state has a maximum strike distance of about two feet, we add the extra foot around for good measure," Hymes said.

Another thing to keep in mind, if you come across any reptile on your property, call the experts to remove it.