Some Valley Circle K gas stations out of gas due to "perfect storm of unforeseen circumstances"

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Circle K customers across the state, including in Phoenix, are being turned away, as the company is running out of gas at several locations.

The problem started in Southern Arizona, and has now spread to the Valley.

At one station in Phoenix, there are handwritten signs that simply say "No Gas", and a clerk who works there does not know why. Also, not all Circle K stations have run out of fuel.

"I need gas," said Mike Miskol. "I'm getting low. Yeah, it's kinda strange."

Miskol prefers Circle K to other gas stations, and said it has never happened to him before.

Few details were given by Circle K, whic h issued a statement that reads:

"Circle K is experiencing fuel outages across Arizona due to a "perfect storm" of unforeseen circumstances including isolated issues with its pipeline, refinery supply source, and ethanol distribution. The situation has been exacerbated by the customary fuel blend change at this time of year and high fuel demand due to spring break."

Pipeline officials say the issue appears to be internal at Circle K. A manager with Kinder Morgan, which runs the major pipeline into Arizona, says there's no problem on their end. Circle K owns and operates its own terminal and tanks in Phoenix, and there did not appear to be much activity going on there Monday afternoon.

"Maybe they didn't pay their bills would be my guess, if you want to know the truth," said Sid Moore.

For those short on fuel, time, and patience, the situation was a major inconvenience.

"I gotta turn in a rental car and fill it up with gas," said Moore.

Meanwhile, Tim Tourek, Vice President of Operations in Arizona for Circle K, said:

"Circle K's global fuel department and our supply partners are working hard to correct the situation. We expect it will be several more days before we are back to full capacity. We greatly appreciate the patience of our customers as we do all we can to return to business as usual as soon as possible."