St. Mary's Food Bank gets big donation from Valley organization

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - Volunteers from all over the country at St. Mary's Food Bank representing the Latin community gave back in a big way with 30,000 pounds of chicken!

Members by the dozen from the League of United Latin American Citizens chose to honor the organization's name as the largest and oldest Hispanic organization in the nation by donating something they know the community needs.

Among those volunteers were a lot of fresh faces with open arms, like Diego, who just wants to pay it forward.

"To see that something here, like Lulac, and being able to connect with the larger community and be able to give so much back, it's something that is unprecedented to me," he said.

Today, Diego and the Lulac volunteers delivered 30,000 pounds of Tyson chicken to St. Mary's Food Bank. The group says the donation goes far beyond the gift of giving.

"Whenever there's an issue in the Latino community, only knows Lulac," said Roger Rocha of Lulac. "I mean they come to us for issues, but they also need to know that we give back to the community. Giving back like food donations one way of giving back to the entire community, not just the Latino community."

It's a generous donation the food bank says they could use while supply is low this time of year.

"Big win for the food bank," said Jerry Brown of St. Mary's Food Bank. "We're going to be able to share this with other different agencies around the state and there will be a lot of folks that would receive some help through this donation."