St. Mary's Food Bank prepared to hand out 12K meals over next 3 days

Hundreds of volunteers are working together to make sure no one goes hungry this Thanksgiving.

"This is very exciting because we get a meal this Thanksgiving dinner from St. Mary's," one person waiting in line said.

St. Mary's Food Bank is preparing to hand out 12,000 meals over the next three days to anyone who may need a little extra help this year.

"If you've had a little trouble -- job, medical, whatever you need. If things are a little tight this year this Thanksgiving, that's what we're here for -- to provide some emergency food to make sure every family, like our family, has a great Thanksgiving," Jerry Brown said.

Some people have been waiting in line for hours.

"We've been here since like 2:30, 3," another person said.

Those in line say they're grateful for the generosity of others this holiday season.

"They're everything to us," a person waiting in line said. "I depend on St. Mary's because without them, we wouldn't be eating."

"I'm glad there is a place like this that will help me do that," said another person who was waiting in line.