Statement: Man charged in pain treatment center sexual assault an "Independent Contractor"

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- Officials with a pain treatment center are speaking out, following the arrest of a man, in connection with the sexual assault of a woman under sedation.

According to a statement released Wednesday by Scottsdale Police, 38-year-old Xavier Uziel Perez was arrested in connection with an incident at Integrated Pain Consultants on the 9500 block of Ironwood Square Drive, which happened on June 25, 2018.

According to court documents released Thursday, the victim reported the incident on the day it happened. The victim, who was not identified, said she was at the clinic for a steroid shot in her backside for leg pain she was having. The incident took place during a second visit to the pain treatment center, and the victim said as she was coming out of a sedated state, she could feel the medical tech pull his hand or fingers from her private area.

In a statement attributed to Integrated Pain Consultants that was released by a third party Friday afternoon, Perez, who was not referred to by name, was called an "independent contractor" who was contracted by the company. Company officials said Perez did not work in any Integrated Pain Consultants facility during the investigation.

Eventually, company officials said when Scottsdale Police informed then that there was no evidence that Perez committed a crime, he was added back to the schedule. Since then, however, officials say Scottsdale Police found new evidence that police believe implicated Perez, and arrested him. As a result, the company has terminated its agreement with Perez.

"IPC and our employees have a history of quality medical care in the Valley, and we are compassionate caretakers of our patients to ensure they live a life as pain free as possible. This incident has hit us hard and in a very emotional manner," read a portion of the statement.

Meanwhile, Scottsdale Police officials say the pain treatment center where the incident happened has several Valley locations, and Perez has worked at all of them at different points in time. Perez stated that this incident was a one-time occurrence, but Scottsdale Police detectives are concerned there may be other victims. Anyone with information should call Scottsdale Police at (480) 312-5000.