Storm brought hail, rain and funnel cloud to the Valley

Parts of the Valley experienced hail and rain as a result of a storm system that moved into Arizona.

According to ADOT officials, drivers along Loop 101 in North Scottsdale experienced heavy rain. They asked drivers to be careful on the road.

Meanwhile, officials with the National Weather Service Phoenix issued a Significant Weather Advisory, which lasted until 2:45 p.m..

Officials with NWS said pea-sized hail was possible with the storm, which moved southwest from an area west of Scottsdale. Video from ADOT cameras showed hail accumulating on the road near the Loop 101/State Route 51 overpass.

People living in the area of 39th Place and Union Hills said after the storm was over, the neighborhood was completely covered with hail. Some in the neighborhood played with the hail, making snowballs and building snowmen.

NWS officials also said a funnel cloud was spotted three miles west of Paradise Valley at approximately 3:00 p.m.. FOX 10 viewers have also sent us video of the funnel cloud.

According to NWS officials, the funnel cloud did not become a tornado before dissipating.

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Hail near State Route 51 and Union Hills

Hail near State Route 51 and Union Hills (Mark Beach)