Effect of extreme heat on tires in Arizona

We're seeing a lot of tire treads on the freeways and roadways -- a sign of how brutal the extreme heat is to tires. FOX 10's Desiree Fluellen visits Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair in Phoenix to learn how to make tires last longer during the summer driving season.

How SRP linemen stay cool amid triple-digit temps

Temps in the Valley have reached 115°F over the past two days, and while many of us can stay inside, SRP linemen have to work outside in the extreme heat. FOX 10's Tom Fergus shows how the linemen are staying cool on the job.

Dogs banned from Phoenix trails when temps reach 100°

The Valley is under an Excessive Heat Warning this week and as a reminder, dogs are banned from all 41 trails in the city of Phoenix when temperatures reach 100° F or higher. if you get caught, you could face a class one misdemeanor, a $2,500 fine and jail time.