Suns partner with Valley foundations to promote healthy habits for students

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - Many times when it comes to making a change, they say it takes a village.

The Mollen Foundation, as well as Steward Health Care and the Phoenix Suns, know this to be true, as they're all getting their hands in the dirt to make a healthy change.

"We work in schools to integrate food education and bring healthy habits to students," said Paige Mollen, president of the Mollen Foundation.

The Mollen Foundation hopes to get kids excited about healthy habits, like the gardens here at Garfield Elementary, as well as a few other activities.

"Cooking in the classroom, some mindfulness programming, yoga, anything that supports being healthy," Mollen said.

Mollen says establishing healthy habits early makes it easier to pick up and continue.

"We provide comprehensive programs, so we're really focused right now on middle school age, so they stay with us for three years," she said.

It's all hands on deck and in the dirt, growing everything from eggplants to basil. It's a win-win for students and Valley partners.

"Being able to partner with the Mollen Foundation and the Phoenix Suns to bring awareness to what's going on in the Phoenix area, especially when you have these great gardens that we don't really know about, it's benefiting the kids, it's benefiting the community, and just to be a part of that... it's wonderful," said Mikaela Hudson of Steward Health Care.