Survey: AZ nonprofits lost nearly $30m in revenue as a result of coronavirus pandemic

A new survey released by an organization representing non-profits in Arizona show the coronavirus pandemic is taking a toll on non-profit organizations across the state.

According to a survey by the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits, 90% of the 364 respondents say they have been or they expect to be significantly impacted by the spread of COVID-19.

Overall, the survey shows there is a loss of reported revenue at $29,946,350, as of March 20, and nearly 60% of whose who responded say they are concerned over budgetary limitations related to strains on the national economy.

The survey also shows 54% of those who responded are reporting a a disruption of service to their clients and communities.

“It’s clear that Arizona nonprofits are facing a triple threat from the COVID-19 outbreak: staggering revenue losses from canceled events, workforce shortages as volunteers and paid staff stay home, and dramatically increased demand for their services,” said Arizona Grantmakers Forum President and CEO Laurie Liles, in the statement.

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