Suspect jumps into canal to escape police after rollover crash

Mesa Police say a man driving his vehicle on flat tires rolled his truck into the backyard of a home, then jumped into a nearby canal to get away from officers.

According to MPD, at 3:35 p.m. Thursday, they received reports of a truck striking a curb and blowing out tires in the area of Gilbert and McKellips.

The driver continued to head north on flat tires and entered the Loop 202 freeway. Upon reaching Gilbert Road, where he finally exited, the truck was on bare rims. At that time, he traveled south on Gilbert Road, rolled the truck off an embankment and crashed into the backyard of a home near Lockwood Street.

Authorities say when the driver exited the truck, he jumped into the canal in an attempt to get away.

He was immediately taken into custody and transported to an area hospital for precautionary reasons.

Mesa Police say the suspect's name will not be released until the investigation is completed and charges are filed. The man, who is described as a white male in his 30s, was taken into custody for suspicion of driving impaired.

Officials say the truck belonged to a family member of the suspect and at no time was this ever a police pursuit.