SUV smashes into Phoenix dentist office

It was an unexpected visit to the dentist for one motorist.

An SUV driver slammed into a dentists office in Phoenix, now the woman behind the wheel could face charges.

Two people heading to work Wednesday morning ended up going to the hospital after a woman plowed her SUV into the office off 35th Avenue and Northern.

"As the vehicle was making a right turn, another vehicle was making a left turn, we assume the driver panicked at that point," said Phoenix Police Officer John Imdorf.

Police say she veered right.

"Almost hit a bus stop over here and continued up, and plowed into the building right there. Thankfully nobody was inside the building at the time, you can see all the debris and bricks that fell right in front of that dental chair," said Imdorf.

Jim Hansen is the owner of Lucky Gold and Silver next door; he says more drivers need to be alert.

"I've been hit in the crosswalk and almost run over a couple of times," said Jim Hansen.

The owner of the dentist office building says they are not allowed inside and are dealing with the insurance companies. The two people in the Acura are expected to be ok.