Taylor school employees under fire for photo showing obscene gestures

A recent online photo circulating in the Taylor School District has caught the ire of parents. One mom's description pretty much says it all:

"That picture with everyone sticking their middle finger in the air, that's basically telling everyone in Taylor where to go."

At the bottom of the image reads #Griffin Pride with a few accompanying emojis. Then above the banner text are several district employees with their middle fingers on full display.

Parents may be frustrated with the image, but others explain it was meant as a joke and that the photo has been edited.

"I have the picture with no writing on it, right here," said one student. The student thinks the photo was taken in the office of the old principal.

The district hasn't confirmed much, beyond that the people in the photo are connected to the school and they are looking into the image. However, the same parent interviewed said she recognized the location of the photo as being the main office.

"I don't agree with it and I am very upset with it," she said. "A few more people that I have talked to said the same thing."

UPDATE: The head of the Taylor Federation of Teachers, Linda Moore told FOX 2 the photo was a harmless joke for a retiring teacher.

Moore said it did not have anything to do with insulting students. A copy of the photo was left in a staff member's desk, a student found it and posted the picture on Snapchat without permission. That student is now under investigation.