Teen in stable condition following fall along the Grand Canyon's North Rim

Officials with Grand Canyon National Park say a teen is still being treated for his injuries following a fall along the Grand Canyon's North Rim.

The fall happened on Aug. 8. According to officials, a Search and Rescue Team responded to an "over-the-edge" call in the area, and found that the teen, identified as a 14-year-old boy, fell about 70 feet to 100 feet from Bright Angel Point.

"After determining a helicopter short-haul rescue was not appropriate for wind conditions and patient locations, SAR team members implemented a high-angle technical rope rescue and were able to safely extract him," read a portion of the statement.

Officials said the Bright Angel Point Trail, while beautiful and popular, is also exposed, narrow, and surprisingly deep.

"Visitors are reminded to stay on designated trails and walkways and always keep a safe distance if at least six feet (2 m) from the edge of the rim. In areas where there is a railing or fence, do not climb over any barrier," read a portion of the statement.

Map of the incident scene