Teens learn distracted driving first-hand

One thousand teen drivers are getting the chance to feel what it's like to lose control of a car, what people who drink and drive see and even what it's like to be distracted while driving.

It's part of the Ford Driving Skills for Life event going on now through Sunday. Nolan Katerberg is the program's manager and says they're out here because the leading cause of death in teenagers is vehicle crashes.

The program focuses on four areas.

"It's vehicle handling, speed and space management and hazard recognition, and also over the years we've incorporated distracted and impaired, too," Katerberg said.

The teens even get to wear body suits and goggles that throw their balance off and make them feel drunk.

I tried out the drugged-driving suit and it wasn't easy to stay on the line, which goes to show just how dangerous you become when you get behind the wheel impaired.

"It's all physical so it will limit your mobility, your eyes, hard to see, all those types of stuff," Katerberg said.

After experiencing this type of course, these students are able to better understand the importance of making the right decisions before getting behind the wheel.

"It's life-changing, it tells you how precious driving can be and you don't want to take chances when you're driving," Katerberg said.