Tempe Police identifies man who escaped during escort to 4th Avenue Jail

Tempe Police officials have identified a man who escaped from detention officers while he was being taken to the 4th Avenue Jail Friday afternoon.

According to officials, Nicholas Sherrill escaped from Tempe detention officers at around 1:00 p.m., during an escort of prisoners to the Downtown Phoenix facility. Police say it appears Sherrill escaped while in handcuffs, as the door to the jail opened to allow other prison transports to enter with prisoners.

Sherrill, according to Tempe Police, was caught with help from Phoenix Police officers a short time later, while he tried to flee on a bike that was allegedly stolen. FOX 10 has learned that the bike belongs to a woman named Megan Thacker. Thacker did not know Sheriff was on the run.

Nicholas Sherrill, in an undated photo.

Sherrill, police say, is accused of numerous offenses, including drug-related charges, probation violation, and failure to appear.