Tempe Police prepare for July 4th events

Law enforcement across the nation and in the valley are on alert after the FBI warned that 4th of July events could become terrorist targets.

There hasn't been a specific threat, but the FBI is warning police to be on alert.

One of the biggest events in the valley is at Tempe Beach Park.

It's a major event, and the FBI seems to be very concerned about ISIS inspired attacks. Tempe Police say they are aware, and they will be prepared.

The 4th of July at Tempe Beach Park draws a huge crowd, as many as 50,000 people are expected, and police will be watching closely.

"There will be a huge uniformed presence, and there will be other things happening behind the scenes to make sure everyone is safe," said Commander Noah Johnson.

Tempe Beach Park is no stranger to large events, so police in Tempe will have plenty of experience. The FBI is warning of lone-wolf attacks inspired by ISIS. Like the two Phoenix men who attacked a Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest outside Dallas back in May. Both suspects were shot and killed.

"The threat is across the United States; they traveled from here to Texas, so who knows what could be coming here. This is a worldwide problem that we have to deal with locally," said Johnson.

Police say they will be looking for warning signs.

"there is no magic in it; it is common sense things. Somebody who seems disengaged, seems to be by themselves, maybe they are wearing real heavy clothing in Arizona and that is unusual," said Johnson.

In addition to protecting the crowds, organizers will also be a concern.

The temperature is expected to be close to 110 degrees on Saturday.