Tempe vape shop owner reacts to federal ban on certain eCigarette products

Vaping illnesses and deaths have been grabbing headlines lately, and now, the Food and Drug Administration is apparently preparing for a massive ban on flavored eCigarette products.

This ban is only for the flavored 'Juul' type cartridges that come pre-filled, and are thrown away after it's used up. The restrictions don't apply to tank-based vaping systems, which can be re-filled with vaping oil.

Tank-based vaping systems are typically sold in vape shops like E-Cig City Tempe. The business's owner, Andrew Bird, welcomes this change. 

"It really starts to weed out those that are just in it for the money and don't stand behind a product from a public health standpoint," said Bird. "If this does actually succeed and bringing down smoking and vaping rates for kids and teenagers, than it was a great call."

Bird says his sales mostly come from the flavored tank-based devices. If the ban would have included these types of devices, he says the consumer, along with small business owners like him, would suffer.  

"Our customers are adults, and they love flavors, and they will not vape if they do not have those flavors, and if they're not vaping what are they going to? They're probably going back to cigarettes," said Bird.

Companies that sell the now banned flavored cartridges have 30 days to comply with the ban, or they could face enforcement action from the FDA.