Thieves steal trailer with safe driving car attached

Caught on camera, thieves steal a flat-top trailer carrying a damaged vehicle out of an auto shop.

That wrecked car may not be worth much cash, but it's value to the community is worth more than its weight in gold.

Surveillance video captured the thieves breaking in and leaving with the trailer.

"Someone cut thru our back gate, they drove in, knew what they were after, they grabbed the trailer that had the crash car on it which belongs to Red Means Stop," said Howard Fleischmann Senior.

The trailer carried the damaged car that was used for mock crash demonstrations at schools to teach students the danger of running thru a red light.

"We use it thru Red Means Stop, when we go visit schools and work with young people to let them see what can happen if you run a red light, or if you're texting and driving when you're not paying attention," he said.

Fleischmann owns Community Tire Pros and Auto Repair. He joined after his son died in a crash involving a driver who ran a red light.

"Red Means Stop is a coalition of either families that have been affected or people that believe in safety," said Fleischmann.

His surveillance cameras were rolling when someone cut the gate in the early morning of May 4.

A Chevrolet pickup truck backed up to the trailer, the suspect hooked up the trailer and drove off.

"Obviously they were after the trailer," he said.

Fleischmann hopes the thieves return both vehicles. With Proms and Graduations underway, it is the time of year his group spreads the message about safe driving.

"We'll still be there, we're gonna still be out there trying to spread the word," said Fleischmann.

Howard says they may wind up accepting donations to replace the trailer and car for the group.