Thieves target Phoenix school, stealing equipment to help feed family member

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A burglar targets a Valley school, stealing hundreds of dollars worth of tools and sporting equipment, but it's what the suspects left behind that is really surprising.

It's sad that someone would steal from school kids, but what's even more upsetting is the note that the suspect left behind. In the note, the suspects basically apologized for the crime, and said that the stolen items would be sold to put food on the table for a family member.

The school's Athletic Director, Adrian Espana, found empty tool boxes when he returned to the Western School of Science and Technology from winter break. As a result of the incident. nearly $10,000 worth of tools and sports equipment were stolen.

"Every student here takes STEM classes," said Espana.

From drills and saws to hammers and nails, kids currently don't have what they need to put their STEM skills to work.

"They even took our medical kits, just in case of an emergency," said Espana. "We lost those."

The suspects broke into three outdoor storage units, but left something personal behind.

"All we had was a note left behind where whoever left the note apologized for taking it, and they were saying they had to do it to feed their sister," said Espana.

Espana hopes the suspects will return the stolen items. If food is the issue, he says they can easily connect them to a food bank and other resources to help feed the deprived family.

But now, an entire school is deprived of the quality education they deserve.

"This person needs to understand this person didn't take things from the school," said Espana. "They took things from the students."

Soccer balls, goalie equipment, baseball helmets, catcher's gear are some of the things they are going to need by next month for the upcoming season. Meanwhile, the school has set up a GoFundMe page, asking for donations to replace the stolen items.

GoFundMe for Western School of Science and Technology theft incident