Travel agent provides unique, high-end vacation experiences

Travel agents are a dying breed. With the internet and mobile apps that allow you to find deals on airfare, hotel rooms, and resorts, most people plan their own travel.

But what about people who aren't looking for a deal, they have the cash, and they want an experience.

That's where an uber high-end travel agent to the rich and famous come in.

Let your imagination go wild, think up the most fabulous trip money can buy, and chances are this travel agent has topped it.

If you wanted a beach vacation with scuba diving, he gets you your own submarine. You stand in line to see the crowded Sistine Chapel; he gets you the Vatican to yourself.

Who is he? Jason Miller, the President of Accomplished Traveler.

"We do luxury, high-end travel," said Jason Miller. And by high-end, Miller means unforgettable trips that most couldn't think up or have access to, for clients who must go unnamed.

"They are celebrities; we work with sports figures, movie stars, television actors, writers, producers," said Miller.

He started his Manhattan-based travel agency in 2006, a risky endeavor that has paid off.

"I knew if I did it, it would have to be in a super high-end, super luxury area," he said.

He has a reputation as the designer of once in a lifetime trips.

"I had a client who was taking his wife to Cambodia; they were doing a birthday celebration and Cambodia is well known for its 12th-century temples. His wife thought they were just going to have a tour in the evening, under the lights. When they arrived with their family, they had completely privatized their 12th-century temple for a private birthday party with Cambodian dancers. Full on entertainment out there in the wilderness of Cambodia," said Miller.

Then there is Italy.

"Florence is one of the most visited destinations in the world. If anyone one is going to go to Florence, they want to see the David statue, they want to see the works of Michaelangelo, and the gothic and renaissance period. They want to go to the Academie Museum, so you take a tour," he said.

That is how most people roll, but not Jason's clients.

"One of my clients wanted to take her husband to Florence for his 65th birthday, and this was going to be a surprise evening for him. We were able to arrange a private opening after the museum closed, for her to take her husband through the museum. So he thought he was just going to have a nice walk around the museum with a guide, which they did, and their final stop was the David statue, and there was an Italian choir singing, and a full-service meal. A dinner for his 65th birthday right underneath the David statute as the big surprise for him. This was a couple of years ago, and they haven't stopped talking about it," said Miller.

So can anyone pull this off?

"You have to go through the mayor's office in Florence, you have to make a very nice donation to the city, you know. Then of course you hire the staff and all fo that, but you know if you just want a private guide of the museum, I'm happy to help you set that up," he said.

You have to have the cash, and Jason can take care of the rest.

"People have dreams, and we try to make it happen," said Miller.

Miller doesn't easily take no for an answer. Rarely does he accept defeat, except for one request, the impossible request.

"I have asked on several occasions for clients of mine to meet the Pope, and everytime I ask I get laughed at, it's not even a no, it's not possible. The Pope doesn't meet with people. I literally get laughed at, so I'm still working on that one," he said.

But how about the Vatican?

"You can have the entire Vatican privatized before it opens or after it closes, and you can see all the rooms of the Vatican including the Sistine Chapel completely by yourself with no one around. If you're interested in seeing that, but the pope will not come out and shake your hand, yet," said Miller.

For this traveler, turned travel agent, if it is possible, he will make it happen.

"Nothing shocks me, we try to keep it legal, and we keep it legal," he said.

One of his clients wanted to have a slumber party for their son in the museum of natural history. So Jason made arrangements for a real-life night at the museum. The kids slept in sleeping bags under the huge whale; they had dinner and a once in a lifetime experience.

Do you have a dream trip you want to make come true? If so visit Miller's website at: