TruWest Credit Union partners with Salvation Army to collect water for the summer

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - In just a few short weeks, we'll be in those triple-digit summer temperatures, and a local credit union is trying to make sure everyone stays safe by teaming up with the Salvation Army with a big bottle water drive.

The heat can be dangerous. That's why the Salvation Army frequently sets up hydration stations to make sure people are staying hydrated.

TruWest Credit Union and its employees want to help as well.

"We saw a need here in the Valley especially with the Salvation Army's hydration station, we thought this was a great opportunity to partner with them," said Mike Waldron with TruWest Credit Union.

This is not the first time they've done this, but they hope this year, they're able to break last year's record of 20,000 water bottles donated.

"We know that they have a big initiative to get as much bottled water as possible and we know we can make an impact in doing so," said Waldron.

They're asking their employees, customers, and the public to bring cases of water to any of their Valley locations to meet their goal.

The Salvation Army is also thankful for the donations.

"We're so grateful to tur west, their employees and their customers who have taken on a challenge to raise water of those who we give out water to, which is a vulnerable population," said David Yardley with the Salvation Army.

Last year the Salvation Army handed out thousands of bottles of water, and with this donation, they're hoping to be to help out everyone who needs it.

The water drive goes through the end of the month. You can bring donations to any TruWest Credit Union location.