Two teens donate thousands to PCH in honor of their friend who died after a brain aneurysm

Two teens are donating thousands of dollars to the Phoenix Children's Hospital in honor of their friend taken away too soon.

Addison Auza was just 11 years old when she died after having a brain aneurysm.

She'll always be remembered as a champion. A lasting memory as she won Grand and Market Reserve Lamb with her friend Avery at the 2018 Maricopa County Fair.

The two bonded over her love of animals.

"She loved to dance and show and those are both things that I love to do and everything. She was just incredible," Avery said.

Lexi Hunt met Addison at the fair in 2017. She says she always saw the potential in her. But sadly, after winning the next year, Addison suffered a brain aneurysm.

"How could she go from having so much fun there to being sick in the hospital and I truly didn't know how severe it was," Lexi said.

Addison spent the rest of her days at Phoenix Children's Hospital with her parents by her side before she passed away at 11.

"Even though it was the worst time of our entire life, they made it very comfortable," said David Auza, Addison's father.

Lexi and Avery both ended up winning championships at the 2019 Maricopa County Fair, dedicating the wins to Addison with her parents standing proud.

Then the two teens sold their livestock and are using the proceeds to donate $15,000 to PCH in Addie's name. They money will be going to programs led by child life specialists.

"Being able to bring joy to other kids through the gift of someone else in our role is amazing," said Nicole Mack, a child life specialist.

"I think it's just a great opportunity to be associated with such great people that have such big hearts to be able to feel like they can give back. It's a kind of small token of what she would have wanted," David said.

Money from the donation also goes to help improve the family waiting areas in the pediatric ICU and provide more resources for loved ones.