University of Phoenix aims to raise awareness about mental health

PHOENIX, Ariz. (FOX 10) - Reducing the stigma around mental health, that is exactly what the University of Phoenix is doing.

"I think what's important is that we finally normalize this, talk about this and it starts with us," said Dr. Dean Aslinia with the University of Phoenix.

Dr. Dean Aslinia at the University of Phoenix is trying to increase awareness about mental health.

"We need to normalize and destigmatize mental health and create an environment where an individual who says I've taken medication to manage my cholesterol sees no difference between that statement and you know what I've taken medication to manage my emotional regulation, my depression, my anxiety, what have you," said Dr. Aslinia.

He says, in most cases, mental health care isn't readily available, which just perpetuates the problem, although some groups are starting to see the benefits.

"The University of Phoenix has conducted several different surveys to measure that perception if you will, so when it comes to first responders, 93% of first responders see mental health as being just as important as any other physical or mental condition, same with active military personnel," said Dr. Aslinia.