Until next year: CitySkate ice rink in Downtown Phoenix is coming down

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- The holiday season is officially over, and that means the CitySkate ice rink in Downtown Phoenix is coming down.

After having its final night on Sunday, crews were in the beginning stages of tearing down the decorations at the ice rink on Monday.

Officials with CitySkate say more than 200,000 people from the Valley went ice skating during the holidays at CitySkate, but now, the grueling process of tearing everything down begins, and it begins with all the artwork. If you checked out the rink during the holidays, you may have noticed the three outdoor art displays or Installations put in by the Phoenix Art Museum.

The artwork features local artists.

"3D sculpture, I guess you could say, made of mirrored plexiglass that was laser cut. The phrases in Spanish were laser cut," said Lani Huson, Audience Development Manager with the Phoenix Art Museum.

For the second year, Phoenix Art Museum worked with CitySkate. Another big attraction that's being taken apart is the giant bronze tree.

"The tree that was in the middle of the rink was installed and produced by Walter Productions," said Nyssa Miccio, Digital Marketing Specialist for Red Development. "They produced Burning Man installations."

The CitySkate ice rink typically opens after Thanksgiving, through the first week of January. Red Development, which puts on CitySkate, says they're already in talks to partner with the Phoenix Art Museum for the next holiday season.