UPS driver escapes from dogs who just wanted to say hi

SAN TAN VALLEY, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- UPS drivers deliver things to people's homes all day long, and many of these deliveries are standard. Occasionally, however, these drivers come into contact with some pretty strange things, and a lot of times, it's man's furry friends.

That was the case for one driver in the San Tan Valley area on Thursday. One delivery driver was dropping off some Valentine's Day treats to one woman, when her rather large dogs got loose. The woman's dogs are very friendly, but for an unsuspecting driver, it was quite the scare.

"They wanted to give him some Valentine's love," said Tanya Otto.

At around noon, Otto had her front door open to get some fresh air, and her pups, Lambeau and Lexie, usually sit by the door to enjoy the cool breeze.

"I have a big piece of plywood that they can see over, and just kind of say hello," said Otto. "Well, they got so excited with the two of them, and were able to push it down when they saw the UPS truck pull up."

That driver was delivering some Valentine's Day sweets for Otto. Lambeau and Lexie got a little too excited about the flowers and chocolate-covered strawberries in the box, and both dogs bolted out the door. The driver dropped the gifts and ran for cover in his truck.

"Packages went flying, and the guy ran to the truck," said Otto. "I felt terrible because I think he was terrified, I mean looking at them."

Otto and her neighbor quickly corralled the two dogs and apologized for the scare.

"Came over and reassured him they just want to say hi, and then he came back out," said Otto.

The driver was startled, but OK. Meanwhile, Otto is happy both he and her gifts survived.

"Concerned that the vase was going to be shattered, but it wasn't," said Otto. "It survived, so everything was perfectly fine."

Otto says she already has plans in the works to put a screen door up. That way, she can keep enjoying the fresh air, all while keeping her UPS driver free from a game of chase with her pups.