Valley art program helps abused children

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- The organization Free Arts for Abused Kids of Arizona offers programs that they say transform the lives of kids.

Niya Davis is putting the finishing touches on her performance.

"I've been trying to make my story come to life in a sense with arts, music, dance, acting," said Niya Davis.

Jessica Flowers, Program Director for Free Arts for Abused Children of Arizona, says that's exactly the point.

"This particular camp about 30-40 teenagers all from group homes to shelters and treatment centers come together for two weeks with the help of teaching artists, counselors and volunteers, and free arts alumni, those campers with the support of those adults build a theatrical production based on their own life experiences and their own life stories," said Jessica Flowers.

It's a way to express feeling in a way that is sometimes easier for children to do.

"It kind of pushes your fears in front of you and kind of makes you face them head on instead of running."

It's healing through the arts.

The kids had their big performance Saturday night, but they have these types of events multiple times a year.