Valley author hopes to inspire blind community, those outside of it with new book

A Valley author who's had one of her books turned into a Hallmark Movie is back with another novel and its for a good cause.

Author Barbara Hinske hopes to raise money for the Foundation for Blind Children in Phoenix through her story of love, loss and courage.

“Here is Gnocchi, who is an alumni from Guide Dogs for the Blind and he is who I based Garth in 'Guiding Emily' from so he has kind been my muse and friend," she explained.

“Guiding Emily” is a love story between Garth the guide dog and Emily Mane his handler who loses her eyesight on her honeymoon.

It’s the tale of their journey to find each other.

Hinske was inspired to write the book after touring the Foundation for Blind Children facility in Phoenix. 

“I was so incredibly moved by seeing the kids in the classrooms and the remarkable work that this foundation was doing," Hinske said.

She went on to do extensive research, sat in group counseling sessions, participated in white cane training, and even traveled to California for a few days to learn the process of how guide dogs are trained. 

“One of the big problems in our society is that the visually impaired are set aside in employment opportunities, in social settings. That theme was repeated to me over and over again as I was interviewing blind people and blind people working with guide dogs," Hinske explained.

Hinske says she hopes the book will inspire people to do more for the blind community. 

“What Barbara is doing in telling the story is what our students go through everyday. So for the rest of the world to hear that and read, experience that, even if it’s somewhat fictional, is an incredible thing for a lot of people in this world," said Marc Ashton, CEO of Foundation for Blind Children.

Half of the proceeds from the book will go toward the Foundation for Blind Children.

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