Valley man goes viral after dancing at Diamondbacks game

PHOENIX, Ariz. (KSAZ) - Sometimes when you hear music, you can't help but dance. That's what happened to one Valley man at the Diamondbacks game this past Tuesday.

The Cubs fan was busting a few moves while embarrassing his daughter, and it was all caught on camera, going viral.

Brad Walker says Chase Field was playing really good music that night that he had to get up and shake his behind. He had no intentions of embarrassing his daughter, and he never knew his dad moves would go viral.

Walker got a little courage after the fifth inning and attempted the floss dance. And like most 15-year-olds would be, his daughter Brielle was mortified. She was signaling to her dad to sit down.

"He usually doesn't do that so I don't know," said Brielle.

"I was just being myself and she was being herself and was like 'stop, stop'," said Walker.

The floss is a dance move created by Russell Horning also known as the backpack kid. It gained popularity once he performed with Katy Perry in 2017.

Walker said he was just having a good time.

"I had no idea it was on television until Wednesday night back home someone sent it to me on Facebook," said Walker.

The next day it was everywhere. It would be a moment neither of them would ever forget.