Valley nonprofit asking parents to be on the lookout for 'puff bars'

Valley students will be on spring break in the coming weeks, and local nonprofit NotMYkid has a warning for parents, as kids are getting their hands on something new.

"When we were having this conversation six months ago or a year ago, we would be talking about JUUL," said Shane Watson with notMYkid. "Well, JUUL can't make the flavors they used to be able to make, and that's what kids are interested in."

Experts say the vape industry has found a way around the flavored vaping ban with the "Puff Bar." It comes with fruity flavors that kids love, at a cheaper price.

"They can make any flavor they want, in a disposable form, with the same amount of nicotine for a cheaper price," said Watson.

The tricky thing is for parents, it's now harder to detect children using the "Puff Bar," because they are easy to buy.

"94% of the time, kids are successful buying them online because age verification involves a checkbox," said Watson. "I'm 18 years old and that's it."

The "Puff Bar" is just as easy for kids to get rid of. Experts with notMYkid are urging parents to keep an eye out for anything suspicious they may see their child using, or inside their backpacks or belongings.