Valley organization offers computer programming classes for kids

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Getting kids interested in computer coding at a young age could help them with a number of skills in their adult lives.

You're probably used to seeing kids using technology, but some are having fun and learning computer programming and coding, without even knowing it.

"We work with our younger students with a visual based coding language called scratch," said Amy Boniface, Chief Curricular Officer at Kids Code. "This provides them with great foundation skills for project-based learning and being creative, thinking outside the box, and problem-solving."

The classes are a mixture of real-life coding skills that also teach kids about internet safety. Despite all the fun kids are having, the classes also give them a leg up when it comes to their future.

"We're teaching skills that kids can use in the workforce, but also that allow them to be productive and safe members of society," said Boniface.

For more information on Kids Code classes, visit their website here.