Valley woman creates non-profit to help asylum seekers

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - More non-profits are stepping in because of the immigration surge along our southern border. President Trump has threatened to shut down the border if Mexico doesn't stop the flow of illegal immigration. Over the last several weeks, hundreds of migrants have been dropped off in Phoenix by ICE.

We've told you about several churches and other non-profits who are helping these migrants. Now, a Phoenix mom and her friends have decided to help these people.

Lawmakers weigh in on the situation at the US-Mexico border, which Homeland Security calls a "total system meltdown."

"I want to cut through the politics today to tell you loud and clear there is no manufactured crisis at our southern border. There is a real-life humanitarian and security catastrophe," said Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen.

This week, Nielson is on a three-day tour of our country's southern border - meanwhile, migrants are continually being dropped off by buses, virtually empty-handed.

"They're basically no longer part of a shelter, they no longer have a support network," said Ginger Torres, co-founder of the Last Mile. "And they're on their own in a new country where they've never traveled before. They run into issues - a lot of that might be language issues. They might run out of money. They might not know how to read their bus tickets or plane tickets.

Torres says there are other non-profits and churches that are now providing traveling kits with food and water, but there was a need for a communication device, so she and her friends started making cell phone kits.

"The privilege of being able to account for our basic needs and our family," Torres said. "I also had a little bit of extra time that I felt like I could get back and help other people and change somebody else's life, even if it's in the smallest way."

The Last Mile is now looking for help in finding distributors to sell small flip phones - burner phones, essentially, for their phone kits. Torres says she also needs Spanish to English translators to work as volunteers.

If you'd like to help, Torres has created a GoFundMe page.