Valleywise Hospital officials speak out amid fears of hospital overwhelming due to surge in COVID-19 cases

During a news conference on Thursday, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey spent a lot of time talking about hospital capacity, with numbers from the Arizona Department of Health Services showing statewide hospital capacity was, on Wednesday, at 83%.

On Thursday, numbers show Arizona's hospitals are at 78% capacity. On the same day, officials with one Valley hospital sought to reassure Arizona residents, even after the recent surge in COVID-19 cases.

"We had a day earlier this week when we see the most patients we have had throughout the course of the pandemic, but we were able to do a number of discharges within last few days, which brings our number down to baseline," said Michael White, Chief Medical Officer with Valleywise Health.

Valleywise Health officials say as of Thursday, they are at 74%.

"Our admission rate has been stable over the last week, week and a half," said White.

The same thoughts are echoed by arizona hospital leaders. In a statement jointly released by officials with Banner Health, Dignity Health, Honor Health and others, they say "we are well prepared to manage an increase in patient volume,' and would "like to assure the public that we have the bed capacity and surge plans are in place."

At Valleywise Health, official say it is no surprise there is an increase in cases, with more testing available. They are hoping residents will continue to follow guidelines.

"Our goal is to mitigate to decrease the spread of this virus," said White. "It’s simple things like staying home. If you are going to be out in public stay safe."

There have also been reports that elective surgeries may need to put on hold once again. Valleywise Health officials say they will continue elective surgeries, for as long as they have the capacity.

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