Vets upset Obama skips Phoenix VA hospital on visit

One place, the President did not stop, was the Veterans Administration Hospital.

The Presidential motorcade passed right by the hospital where many thought he would stop, especially since the scandal about delays in care broke here in Phoenix.

It passed protesters twice, on the way to Central High, and on the way to Sky Harbor Airport.

Protesters stood outside the hospital watching the President drive by without stopping.

"He didn't even look this way," said one protester.

"That was a smack in the face for my family and all the veterans that are suffering because of the VA hospital," said Sally Barnes. Barnes believes the President should have stopped. "A mortgage is more important than veterans dying? They are heroes."

Other protesters were not surprised the President did not stop.

"I was not upset that he did not go to the VA medical center; that is a trip for another day. He came here specifically to speak at Central High School and I that is wonderful that he supports the young adults in high school," said a protester.

"I watched him just roll by without a care in the world," said Barnes.