Want to catch the Cardinals-Rams playoff game in LA? It's more affordable than you think

Can SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles become the Red Sea?

"We're trying to take over LA the best we can," said Tyler Vasquez with the Bird Gang fan club.

Vasquez is already in Los Angeles, and he says comments by the Rams' quarterback's wife about how hard it was for the team to play at home with visiting fans is red meat for Cardinals faithful.

"It's 100% motivating," Vasquez said. "Her saying, ‘ Hey fans, please don’t sell your tickets.' Usually we're on the other end of that."

Most will drive to the game, but what if you woke up tomorrow and said ‘Let’s go'?

When FOX 10 checked prices for plane tickets and seat prices, we found a flight for $129 and a seat for $79. All in all, it's a little over $200 to go to an NFL playoff game.

"It’s still affordable to go to a playoff game which is the craziest part," Vasquez said.

At birdgangla.com they have info on a massive tailgate for the Monday game. And if the Cards win, they'll do the same next week - even if it's in the cold.

"We’ve taken a huge group to Green Bay during a blizzard," Vasquez said. "We’ll do it again."

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