Waste Management Phoenix Open kicks off Jan. 27 at TPC Scottsdale

It's peaceful on Sunday morning.

The grandstands are empty and there's a slight hum of mowers fine-tuning the grass.

TPC Scottsdale is ready for the masses.

"This is our signature event for the City of Scottsdale," Capt. Dave Folio said.

Capt. Folio with the Scottsdale Fire Department said they've been planning for the hundreds of thousands of fans at the Waste Management Phoenix Open for 11 months.

Monday, their preparation will end as the event begins. The PGA Tour event has move than just beauty -- it's fun, so just take it east and be prepared.

"Ankle injuries and intoxication, unfortunately, so drink responsible," Capt. Folio said. "Stay hydrated, a lot of uneven surfaces out here. Wear sunscreen, have a hat."

He says medical tents stand at the ready throughout the course.

Here's a tip if you're bringing your kids into the sea of fans.

"Put your phone number in their pocket so if they come up to a pro-am person, a firefighter, a police officer... we can call the parents of that child so they can come up and get them," Capt. Folio said.

Folio says they learn something every year and this time they're focusing on how you move around the course.

"Flow of the traffic of people walking down the gallery -- we've changed a couple things, moved a couple tents," he said. "We want to be able to move people in, get people out on a Saturday when you're trying to get 200,000 people out the front gate. There's back up plans for that."