WATCH: Mickey Mouse helps tell kids their official adoption date

The most magical place on earth became even more magical for two foster children who learned during a meeting with Mickey Mouse when they would have a forever family.

Courtney and Tom Gilmour became foster parents to Janielle, 12, and Elijah, 10, three years ago, and planned a trip with the kids to the Star Wars Convention in Orlando and the Magic Kingdom, where the couple wanted to surprise the children with an adoption reveal.

Just before they left for Florida, Gilmour said they got the exact adoption date, and she enlisted the help of the Mouse himself to help tell the kids.

"I thought, 'How cool would it be for Mickey to hold up a sign telling the kids,'" Gilmour told FOX 13.

Gilmour said she Tweeted the plans once they arrived in Orlando and Walt Disney World took notice to help make their 24 hours at the Magic Kingdom even more special by setting up a special meet and greet with Mickey for them.

A video posted by Gilmour of the meetup in April shows Mickey greeting the children, playing a card game with them, and when he's about to take a photo with them, a sign is presented with their official adoption date.

They both read the sign, and when it finally sunk in, both of the children broke down into tears. Mickey Mouse hugged the children during the emotional moment and then the entire family joined together for a group hug, followed by a round of tearful group photos.

Gilmour, who lives in Portland, Pennsylvania, only recently posted the video online, which has been shared thousands of times. "I shared the video because I want to continue to draw attention to foster care and adoption," she told FOX 13. "Being a former foster child myself and now a foster/adopt mother, it's very important we don't forget there is lots of help needed," she said.

Adoption day went perfectly, Gilmour said. "Very emotional, but perfect. We had lots of friends and family there and was just joyous," she said.

Gilmour says to families who want to adopt or foster: "Focus on the positive of the process. It's super hard at times, but it is super rewarding," she said.