Watch: Naked man breaks into Mesa farm store

A Mesa farm is hoping surveillance video can help find a naked man who broke into their store and coffee shop last week.

It happened last Friday at Steadfast Farm near Ray and Crismon roads.

"We reviewed the surveillance footage and sure enough, a fully naked man other than wearing a beanie walked down this sidewalk, tried to break down the front door and then went around and broke in the side door," said Erich Schultz, owner of Steadfast Farm.

Schultz said the man broke through a side door that goes into the shop's coffee bar and completely damaged the door frame.

It seems the man just rummaged through the shop and didn't take anything, so the farm didn't have too much in the way of losses other than the door.

"We just tried to laugh it off because it's so bizarre, but obviously we're concerned for our community," Schultz said. "Because naked man walking around is not good, we don't want [him] to be breaking into any homes in the neighborhood you know, and where there's families and things like that…we just want to, you know, get [him] caught and get the help he needs, obviously."

Where it happened: