Water woes: Phoenix neighborhood experiences leaks for months

Residents in a north Phoenix neighborhood are dealing with a very wet situation. Water is coming up, out of the ground, right in front of their homes. The leaks have been happening for weeks and some residents want to know what's taking the city so long to fix it.

Water, water everywhere and plenty of pipes to repair. That's the situation here -- three homes in a neigbhorhood between 44th Street and Tatum have this problem: water is flowing into the street from city service lines.

One man warned his neighbors with a sign and his problem was fixed this past weekend.

The owner of this house on Kelton Lane says the bugs have been flocking to their temporary pond since August.

"It's a mess," said John Strickland, who says the problem has been bubbling up outside of his home near 44th Street and Paradise Lane for more than two months.

"Before August 15, anyways, I noticed a wet spot in the front by that fence," he said. "Well, the neighbors, a lot of people walk by my house, they walk their dogs, they have something to say about it."

And to further the muddy waters, the situation is a safety hazard.

"An older woman come by a couple days ago with her dogs and she was telling me she almost slipped in front of her house," said Strickland.

Residents can report a leak directly by calling the City of Phoenix Water Services' 24/7 emergency dispatch line: 602-261-8000.

Online: www.phoenix.gov/waterservices