West Valley elementary school holds giveaway for teachers, offers free school supplies

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - The calendar says the end of school, but a group of teachers has their mind on the next school year. A big giveaway was held Thursday where teachers can pick up free school supplies.

"Our kiddos grow up and they go through stuff, so we thought why not just use things that we're already donating, and turn it around and buy supplies for the school?" said Monica Gonzalez, President of a non-profit group called Honor Role. "Teachers don't stop. They come in even before we do, just to start preparing for the following year, and we just thought let's give them a little hope and just jump-start their school year."

It's a concept where any donations made are given back, in the form of school supplies for teachers in need.

"Our idea is getting the classrooms filled with the main supplies, so your pencils, your gluesticks, your baby wipes, binders, folders and things like that," said Gonzalez.

Summer is almost here, but as teachers plan for the year ahead, they say the extra help goes a long way.

"It would cost me thousands of dollars to have to order all this, and that's one less thing we have to worry about," said Angela Vaith with Palm Valley Elementary School. "Certainly, one less thing for some families to have to worry about as well."

Honor Role