West Valley restaurant steps up to help family of injured Phoenix police officer

Little 4-year-old Adalyn, still healing from her wounds, is sending a message to her father, Phoenix police officer Stephen Outram.

He's been in the hospital since the crash on October 7, which was a morning that changed his family's lives forever.

"We were headed out on vacation early in the morning and a wrong-way driver crossed the highway at a very high speed and hit us head-on and a few minutes later we were hit again by a box truck," Donielle Outram said.

The whole family, Donielle, her two girls and her husband, were hospitalized. Everyone but Stephen were able to eventually go home.

But with Stephen's complications, bills are continuing to mount. In November, people showed their support at a Phoenix Law Enforcement Association BBQ and tonight at the Haymaker Restaurant, Stephen's brother says there will be another way we can all help.

"They're a great restaurant that supports our military and first responders here in Goodyear," he said. "A friend of mine got in contact with them and got this set up."

From 4 p.m. to close, 10 percent of proceeds will go directly to the family.

"God definitely has a purpose for our family," Donielle said.

The Haymaker Restaurant
1800 N. Litchfield Road
Goodyear, AZ 85395

Fundraiser for Phoenix Police Officer Stephen Outram & family