Wildlife sanctuary sees increase in animals brought in after monsoon storms

In the wake of this week's busy monsoon storm activity, Liberty Wildlife has taken in hundreds of animals just within the last 48 hours.

Strong winds and heavy rain has forced wildlife out of their home and injuring many others.

Those desperate creatures are now finding refuge here.

"On Tuesday, after that first big storm, like 138 animals from 8 o'clock until probably about 6:30 that evening," Terry Stevens said. "Yesterday was another heavy day with 74, so that's 212 in 48 hours."

These are just a few of the animals being brought into Liberty Wildlife. You can see lots of birds being brought here at the drop-off window, but many other kinds of animals as well.

"We took in at least one great horned owl, a barned owl, we had road runners, and then we take in small mammals like bunnies, squirrels. things like that," Stevens said. "A lot of little animals that can't manage the storm because they haven't learned the skills they need to avoid that weather yet."

If you come across any injured or displaced wildlife, all you have to do is walk right up to the drop-off window with the animal and someone with Liberty Wildlife will be able to help.