‘Wings of Rescue' flight transports rescue animals from Texas to Seattle

A private flight waiting to take off isn't carrying CEOs or celebrities - it's chauffeuring canines and kittens to a better life.

The North Texas Humane Society has teamed with the non-profit Wings of Rescue to send 135 animals - 37 dogs and 98 cats - to the Seattle area, where they're more likely to be adopted.

In North Texas, there are always more dogs and cats than there is demand, but in Washington state and the surrounding area, there are often shortages of rescue animals up for adoption. So, thanks to former music producer Ric Browde, these animals have a one-way ticket to the Pacific Northwest.

"Pets enrich people's live," he told Fox 4 News Dallas. "Older people live longer when they have pets. It's just… pets really help people have normal healthy lives."

The furry fliers will each travel in their own crate, and when they arrive they'll be taken to no-kill animal shelters all over Seattle where they'll hopefully soon find forever homes.

It's a great solution to a difficult problem, and a wonderful example of how two communities can work together.