Woman accused of driving drunk with kids in the car said she "made a mistake"

BUCKEYE, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- The woman accused of driving drunk on Halloween with six children in the car said she made a mistake.

Victoria Lee King, 41, is accused of felony Aggravated DUI and a misdemeanor count of having an open alcohol container.

Police, according to the statement, noticed that King was showing a number of signs of impairment, including, among other things, slurred speech and having a moderate odor of alcohol. Preliminary breath tests showed King, at the time, had a BAC of 0.165%, which is more than twice the legal limit.

Of the six minors inside the SUV, Buckeye Police officials said five of them are under 10 years old.

FOX 10 cameras were there, as King returned home. King said she was driving her friend's children back home, when she crashed into a ditch on Baseline and Miller Roads in Buckeye.

"What happened was I was too close, and the car slid off," said King.

Buckeye Police officials said King misjudged the turn, and went right onto the ditch. Police officials said officers found an open fifth of whiskey in King's clutch purse.

"It was a half pint of whiskey on my wallet that I totally forgot about it," said King. "I did have a drink way, way before, and how my blood results came that high, I have no idea.:

King said she wants to tell everyone that she is a good mother.

"I don't drink and drive with kids in the car," said King. "Yes, I may have had one outside of the car and waited. Apparently it wasn't long enough."

King will be back in court on November 14. In the meantime, she cannot possess drugs or alcohol. She also cannot drive with anyone under 18 in her car. The judge says that would probably be the hardest thing for king.