Woman pleads not guilty to allegedly stabbing her two children

A Phoenix woman accused of stabbing her two kids while they were asleep pleaded not guilty on Tuesday morning.

Brenda Begay is charged with attempted second degree murder and aggravated assault charges.

Police say Begay had to be treated at a mental health hospital before she could face the child abuse charges against her.

It's been six months since police say Begay used a kitchen knife to stab both of her kids in the heart.

"This was quite a bizarre as was her behavior when she was booked into jail," said Officer James Holmes.

A judge found her incompetent to stand trial, so she was sent to a behavioral health center where she was treated.

Begay was released on June 30, and Phoenix Police were there to take her to jail.

"She did, in fact, attack her children, and she's going to have to face that in court," said Holmes.

Begay's daughter told investigators they were sleeping when their mom attacked them and told them they were going to heaven. Now both of her daughters are being cared for by family.

"At least the oldest child was old enough to know and understand what had occurred, and so they too are going to need some help to move on in their lives," said Holmes.